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Strategy Development

Technology is changing all industries and has the potential to radically transform education. Through digitisation, we can improve the service we give to our students, and enhance their learning experiences while controlling, if not reducing, the workload on staff.  However, we also need to think beyond digitisation.  Digital Transformation is more than adding technology to our existing processes and services.  With technology we can do things completely differently, teaching in different ways and with new models of education reach students we could not previously serve.

Such Digital Transformation needs to be approached in a strategic way.  We need to carefully identify our objectives, then select the key technologies and techniques that can most efficiently and cost-effectively achieve these objectives, design the required processes and finally implement these technologies, techniques and processes.

Education Futures can help you develop your strategy in the following ways:

  • informing your senior management about key (existing and emerging) learning technologies and educational models and their implications, through lectures, workshops and short courses.

  • helping you develop and document your strategies through consultation and workshops with key stakeholders.

  • monitor and report on the implementation of strategies.

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