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Learning Technologies and Institutional Strategy

These presentations and/or workshops will show your senior staff members how learning technologies are helping institutions to both enhance the learning experience and access new markets.


Not all Learning Technologies will have the same impact on your organisation and these technologies require varying levels of investment of money and staff time.  Learning Technology initiatives need to align with institutional strategy and deliver value for money. As an institution you  need to discriminate between the glamorous new technologies preferred by many innovators and the simpler well tested technologies that can change the practices of the majority of teaching staff and have a real impact.  In addition, Learning Technologies can enable new, previously nonviable strategies that can support the mission of your institution, including more radical changes to teaching your existing students or reaching new target groups.  Education Futures can customise for your institution, lectures, short courses or strategy workshops (online of on-campus) that will help your management make better decisions on the strategic use of learning technologies and will cover the following topics:

  • Campus Teaching Quality Improvement

  • Flexible, Online and Blended Learning

  • Emerging Models of Education

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