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Maximising Impact, Minimising Effort

Aimed at lecturers who are time-poor, this will give them an overview of the learning technologies that can improve the learning experience of their students while keeping their workload under control.


Most lecturers are not interested in the "shiny new toys" that the more technically adept enjoy.  These events concentrate on a limited number of technologies and techniques that are particularly effective at improving the learning experience of students while controlling the workload:

  • Video and Recording: We will look at how relatively professional videos can be created quite simply that will help students who for one reason or another miss class or wish to review materials to improve understanding or prepare for assignments or exams.  We will also look at how this can improve access for disadvantaged students and how students can be encouraged to discuss the content of videos with their peers.

  • Quizzes:  We will show how quizzes can be easily created and how they can be used to improve attendance and attention and to monitor student progress in order to identify struggling students or difficult topics.

  • Peer Assessment: Most students are dis-satisfied with the responsiveness of lecturers in giving feedback on assignments and most lecturers cannot spend the time they would like on this task.  Lecturers will be shown how Peer Assessment can be effective and accurate, and control their workload, while adding an extra dimension to the learning experience of their students.

  • Flipped Learning: Lecturers will be shown how videos and quizzes can be used to both "flip" their classroom, making the best use of contact time, and simultaneously make their teaching more accessible.

This topic can be delivered (online or on-campus) as an introductory lecture, a short course, or a half-day or full-day workshop as required.

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