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Developing an Online Distance Learning Programme

Aimed at department heads, this will address the steps and decisions to be taken in developing an online distance learning programme.

This content can be delivered online or on-campus as an introductory lecture, a short course or a half-day / full-day workshop.


Your institution has many programmes that are of interest to many who cannot attend campus.  Your staff may also have the skills and interest to develop new programmes that are of specific interest to industry.  To address this need your management may need to understand the key issues in developing and delivering online and blended programmes.  These are:

  • Synchronous (live) vs. Asynchronous (recorded) classes

  • Good synchronous teaching practices

  • Lean content recording practices (reducing development costs)

  • Accreditation challenges

  • Staff workload

  • Student engagement

  • Blended and Blended Online Learning

  • Multi-mode/HyFlex teaching

  • Micro-credentials

  • Administration

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