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Services from Education Futures

Our services include presentations, workshops and training courses, as well as consultancy that can be tailored to your needs and can be provided remotely or on site. The objective of these services is to assist the strategic development of your organisation through the use of learning technologies.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


General Consultancy

Education Futures can provide general consultancy services in e-learning and online learning as required by the client at an agreed hourly rate.


Strategy Development

Education Futures can assist with the strategic development of your organisation through the development of new models of technology enhanced learning and lean, cost-effective processes.


Staff Training

Staff training, for both senior staff and lecturers, covers learning technologies that can improve learning experiences and increase access, while controlling lecturer workload, as well as emerging models of higher education and implications for institutional strategy. 


Innovative Programme Development

Education Futures can provide both consultancy services and/or training on how to develop lean internal services for the development of both synchronous and asynchronous online and blended courses.



Education Futures can provide you with assistance in dealing with vendors and drawing up relevant documentation for major education technology contracts.

Education Futures

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